For the 1st Order of Merit Tournament of 2022, ACADEMIA DO BACALHAU TOURNAMENT, to occur on Batalha Golf Course, in the “STABLEFORD” modality, 18 holes, the Golf Rules approved by the Royal Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews, the Local Rules of the Course.

  1. ROUTE TO PLAY: Batalha A+B, Tees: Marks
    Yellow/Men and
    Red Marks/Ladies
  2. POSITION OF THE FLAGS: To be indicated on the day.
  3. TIES: In case of punctual equality at the end of the competition, the tie will be broken in the last 9, 6, 3 and last hole.
  4. GAME INTERRUPTION: In the case of the Committee Technique having to interrupt the game due to situations potentially dangerous, the player must stop play immediately.

    Penalty for breach of this Rule: Disqualification.

    NOTE: Notices will be made as follows:
    – Suspension of the game due to a situation dangerous will be signaled by a ringing prolonged, repeated horn;
    – Suspension of the game due to a situation normal non-dangerous will be marked by three short, repeated beeps.
    – Restart of the game will be signaled by two short, repeated beeps.
  5. DEPARTURE TIME: Rule 5-3a. In the absence of reasons that justify abolishing the disqualification penalty, as provided for in Rule 5-3a, the penalty for not leaving within 5 minutes of your hour will be two strokes in the first hole.
    Penalty for late arrival, beyond the five minutes: Disqualification
  6. UNJUSTIFIED DELAY. SLOW GAME: Rule 5-6: The player must play without delay unjustified and in accordance with the guidance that the Technical Commission establishes on the game cadence.

    Penalty for breaking Rule 5-6:
    1st infraction: Warning;
    2nd infraction: One stroke
    For subsequent infraction: Disqualification
  7. BUGGYS: The use of Buggys is allowed.
  8. “SCORING AREA”: Pro Shop Office.
  9. RESULTS: Results are considered official 30 minutes after its Disclosure.
  10. AWARDS:
    1st Gross
    1st, 2nd and 3rd General Net
    Until midnight on the 10th of October of 2022.
    Registration Fee 80€ (Green Fee + Lunch)