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Rental Equipment

Azores Golf Islands
The use of the golfing rental equipment is registered on a daily basis, which is submitted and payed at our Pro-Shops.
The staff of Ilhas de Valor is responsible, for checking the conditions of the rental equipment, before the teeing off. Afterwards, it’s also responsible for the delivery to each user, according to the information displayed on the receipt. After finishing his game, the user shall deliver the rental equipment to the staff of Ilhas de Valor.
The golfing rental equipment is available to all users by Ilhas de Valor, accordingly to the pricing list, displayed at both Pro-Shops. Therefore, it will be issued a receipt (to the users without annual rentals) and an internal receipt (to the users that subscribed annual rentals).
It is strictly forbidden the leasing of any golfing rental equipment by the user, without the knowledge of Ilhas de Valor.
Ilhas de Valor is not responsible for any damage caused, to the golfing rental equipment while the user/subscriber is renting them. The user/subscriber should inform any damage caused, to the staff of Ilhas de Valor, namely, at the Pro-Shop.
In case of any lost or damage, the user is fully responsible to refund the total amount of the golfing rental equipment to Ilhas de Valor, as well as, the expenses of their maintenance (according to the prices displayed at our Pro-Shops).
The user should be aware and attest his knowledge of these written conditions.